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Door Kits

Reusable commercial-grade aluminum doors are available in multiple configurations for single and double door kits and are designed to accommodate locksets with 2 3/4" backset.

The doors include a commercial-lever type lockset. Interchangeable core locksets are available as an added option.

Our door kits include a left, right, and center top panel, door frame, threshold, and door, and are available in various swing options:

Single-Door Kits

  • Left-hand Inswing
  • Right-hand Inswing
  • Left-hand Outswing
  • Right-hand Outswing
  • McCain Walls Containment Rooms

Double-Door Kits

  • Left-hand Inswing
  • Right-hand Inswing


  • Color: White
  • Dimensions:
    Single-Door Kit: 96"H x 72"W | Weight: 168 lbs
    Double-Door Kit: 96"H x 96"W | Weight: 250 lbs