Take Advantage of the Tax Benefits

save money with IRS Section 179

We pride ourselves on helping our customers maximize the benefits of a McCain Walls system. In addition to saving time on labor installs and removals, money on building materials, and the environment by reducing landfill waste, you can also save with the IRS!

Did You Know Modular Walls Qualify As Depreciable Personal Property?

Because McCain Walls system are demountable wall systems and are 100% reusable, and can be relocated at any time, the IRS treats them as equipment with a 5-year depreciable life. So unlike unconventional construction projects that take 39 years to depreciate, you can potentially fully depreciate the cost of McCain Walls in 5 years! So the more you can write off and reduce the amount of tax paid in Federal and State income taxes, the better your cash flow will be.

Better still, use the IRS Section 179 Tax Break!

The whole purpose of Section 179 is to stimulate the economy by allowing greater tax benefits for qualifying purchases even if you finance. The deduction is good for both new and used:

  • Equipment
  • Office Furniture
  • Office Equipment
  • Computers
  • and Canned Software
This tax code changes year-to-year so be sure to take advantage while you can.

In 2018, applicable first-year purchases of $1,000,000 can be fully depreciated in the year but must be put into service in the year and be used more than 50% of the time to qualify.

2018 keeps getting better with a Bonus First Year Depreciation allowance through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA)

This allows you to spend even more on equipment and receive maximum tax savings this year! There is a small business $2,500,000 spending cap on equipment purchases in the year to qualify to make this a true small business tax incentive. If you go over the threshold your tax savings will be reduced. Larger businesses that spend more than $3,500,000 will not qualify for the deduction.

To see if you can qualify for this tax benefit, please consult with your tax advisor. For more information on IRS Section 179, click here.

2018 Example Calculation

Modular Walls Qualify for Tax Benefits
Example of a $1,150,000 purchase.