• Take A Tour Of Our Showroom

    Join Dan Ferson, our modular walls specialist as he takes you on a tour of our McCain Walls showroom. Contact us if you would like to learn more about the reusable modular wall systems highlighted in the video.

    Video Length - 13:13

    Video Timeline

    Below is a timeline to facilitate your viewing experience. For additonal how-to videos, visit our videos page.

    00:06 Welcome Introduction 03:21 Sound – STC Rating 08:08 Horizontal Sliding Panels
    00:32 Triple-Stacked Wall 03:43 Window Panels 08:30 Variable Angle Panel
    00:56 Graphic Applications 04:06 Removable Base Panels 10:10 Fire-Extinguisher Panel
    01:12 Double Doors 04:28 Ceiling Area (T-Bar) 10:26 Negative Air Pressure Differential Guage
    02:08 Enclosures 04:50 Interior View of Conference Room 10:47 Air Plenum - HEPA & Diffuser
    02:32 Modular Office/Conference Room 05:10 Radius Walls 11:15 Cypher Lock Set
    02:52 Single Doors 05:41 Interior Panels 11:38 Drop-In Ceiling (McCain Walls Panels)
    03:18 Inside Conference Room 06:29 Sand Bag Floor Stand Mount 12:01 Insulation
    07:15 Back View of Triple-Stacked Wall 12:24 Conclusion
    McCain Walls reserves the right to change product specifications without notice. For the most up-to-date information, please contact us.